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Nissan Air-Conditioning Defect

Car air conditioning

Owners of Nissan vehicles continue to complain about multiple problems with the air-conditioning systems.  Nissan owners may be entitled to compensation for problems and inconvenience.  Here is a typical post recounting A/C problems.

Hi, my 2014 Xtrail (Rogue in US) have similar issues; aircon suddenly would not work and blow warm air; the controller switched from internal air circulation to external air; for whatever reason(?). While the blower continues to blow, the aircon would not work; even though the aircon light is ON. Very dangerous situation as cabin gets really hot and humid in summer and when the cold change comes, the windshield will be completely fogged up! I went to Nissan service centre 3x and left the car over-night twice. First time Nissan changed the whole compressor – didn’t solve it, then they changed the A/C relay; but all were misdiagnosed, so the issue remains. Since the diagnostic codes does not make sense to the technician; during my third visit, he did the conventional step by step trouble shooting. A total of 5 days of trouble shooting and finally determined the fault at evaporator sensor. A week past now and the a/c is looking good – no more ficky intermittent a/c! If anyone of you see this symptom, go and tell the service workshop that it could be and probably is a faulty evaporator sensor. I’m surprised that Nissan did not have a complete Failure Mode Engineering Analysis on this system – it would have saved them and everyone millions of $ and time.



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