GM and Silverado Air Conditioning Problems

General Motors and Silverado vehicle have had significant air-conditioning concerns.  A class action has been filed.

“The defective air conditioning system in Pitre’s 2015 Silverado cost him  $1500.00 to repair. In addition, he had purchased a truck he would not have bought had he known of the defects in the air conditioning system and he overpaid for his 2015 Silverado because it contained a hidden defect in the air conditioning system. Pitre also incurred the inconvenience of being without transportation while his car was in the shop and suffered a diminution in the value of the Silverado due to the latent defect in the vehicle’s air conditioning system.  A vehicle with a latent defect in its air conditioning system is worth less than the identical vehicle without such a defect.”

1. Typical Air-Conditioning Problems

The Silverado class action complaint notes some of the air-conditoning  problem.   The repair center diagnosed a failed compressor and replaced the compressor and recharged the system.  He  was back at the repair center , with a non-functioning air conditioning system that was again leaking fluid. This time the mechanics determined the problem  h had not been due to a faulty compressor, but rather was due to a failure of the compressor to condenser hose. The line had cracked and leaked refrigerant onto the compressor, giving the impression the cause of the air conditioning system not working was a compressor failure. The mechanics at the Firestone service center replaced the compressor to condenser line, installed a bracket and recharged the system.

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