Nissan Rogue Air-Conditioning Problem

Consumers continue to complain about problems with the Nissan air-conditioning systems.   Youtube videos have been created and other materials are gathered.

One consumer demonstrates his Nissan A/C problems:  “If your aircon behaves like this:…


“…which is exactly what mine is like, then like what I said before, it was diagnosed and now confirmed for almost a month now, to be due to a faulty evaporator sensor! If you see my reply above, this could not be diagnosed using Nissan’s diagnostics – tried with 3 full days; probably due to poor FMEA preparation. My local Nissan here was good enough to decide to fault find my car using traditional trouble shooting by part replacement – for two more full days! Believe me, you could be fooled that it is a computer/software issue, as the system is so integrated that a simple failing part will exhibit complex control behaviour. If you see the same symptom as you see in this youtube, ask to have your evaporator sensor replaced – it only costs <$100 – not much to lose…. If yours work out, please tell me, cause I want to know..”

Many more consumers have similar complaints.

Owners of Nissan Rogues with air-conditioning problems may be entitled to compensation.  Call the Law Office of Howard Gutman at (973) 598-1980 for a free consultation on your potential claim with Nissan.

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